Throwback Thursday: Emancipator - Nevergreen
Throwback Thursday: Emancipator – Nevergreen

In light of the Emancipator Ensemble’s breathtaking performance at CounterPoint 2015, they’ve made the top of our list for this week’s Throwback Thursday. Originally released on Emancipator’s Safe in the Steep Cliffs album in January 2010, “Nevergreen” is a showcase into Emancipator’s unparalleled style.

Always hip hop, always chill, and always musical in the highest regard – Emancipator’s tunes carve out an irreplaceable place in music.

With tight, organic beats Emancipator merges a palette of sounds, samples, and original recordings from within the real world with techniques and effects from the electronic realm to join the two spaces and create something timeless. If you don’t know Emancipator, or even if it’s just been a little while since you’ve checked the group out, step back in time and unwind this Throwback Thursday with some of the best downtempo around.

Listen to Emancipator’s astounding chill-out track “Nevergreen” below and let the day wash away into ethereal bliss.

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