Throwback Thursday: Rusko – Jahova

Throwback Thursday: Rusko - Jahova
The man behind the mask: Rusko. (Photo: Rusko’s Facebook page)

Throwback Thursday is in full effect. After re-stumbling upon this gem from Rusko’s back catalog, we  knew that we had to share it with you guys.

With more wobble than a drunk and one of the heaviest bass lines in the game, there’s no mistaking this track for anything besides what it is: a classic.

“Jahova” has earned praise from producers, DJs, and fans alike.

During a Caspa show in Indianapolis, IN in late 2014, he purposely dropped the track twice. If that isn’t respect in EDM world nothing is.

Before dropping it the first time Caspa gave a quick monologue about how he came to hear the track after Rusko gave it him in London. He finished the short speech with the a scream into the mic, “This might be the greatest f***ing dubstep tune of all time!” before dropping the beat on us like a 10-ton bag of bricks. It was pure insanity.

So after this trip down memory lane, here’s to the throwbacks, the classics, and the guys who make them. Cheers.

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