Last year Ryan Hemsworth introduced his newest record label SECRET SONGS (Shh) with Tennyson’s “You’re Cute”. Tennyson is a Canadian duo consisting of Luke Tennyson and Tess Pretty that is recently gaining popularity. As the first release of Secret Songs, Ryan Hemsworth gave the perfect introduction to what the label can bring through it’s free releases on SoundCloud.


In a non-traditional use, sprinklers are utilized to act as hi-hats to set up the beginning of the song. Like the single’s artwork, you are transported into that perfect morning in Spring/Summer where the sun is in a clear sky and the green grass is vivid/vibrant.

The synths squeal and swirl as the drums scatter and pulse you through the sections of the song. The most important part about this song is at 2:37 when the craziest piano solo you’ve ever heard waltzes in. Unorthodox, but surprisingly effective, the piano solo transports the song into something really special. It reminds you of Sonic The Hedgehog 2’s “Emerald Zone” music in the best way possible.

Tennyson "You're Cute"
Tennyson – You’re Cute

Looking for a great song to start your day? Feeling happy or need to lift your spirits?

Listen to “You’re Cute” by Tennyson below and snag the free download.

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