Headphone Activist – Zephyr [Free Download]

We have heard some fantastic music come from the Pittsburgh native known as Headphone Activist in the past but the latest single he released on March 16th called “Zephyr” might be one of his best works.

Headphone Activist
Headphone Activist – Zephyr

HPA Beats brings a deep trappy vibe to the beat that makes you want to watch everything move in slow motion, as if it were the score to the latest action thriller. Much like the sexy sounds of his July single “Cloud City,” seductively intense is the best way to describe the bass line that will vibrate your bones and sizzling synths.

This Trap Nation Exclusive was created in response to the incredibly well-received remix of “Timekeeper” that was released just a few months ago.

After seeing such a positive response on my timekeeper remix, I decided to put another heavy hitting track out.

And hard-hitting, it is.

Listen and get your free download of “ZEPHYR” from Headphone Activist here!


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