Seinabo Sey – Hard Time (Big Gigantic Remix) [Free Download]

Seinabo Sey - Hard Time (Big Gigantic Remix) [Free Download]
Seinabo Sey – Hard Time (Big Gigantic Remix) [Free Download]
Big Gigantic is back and in a big way with a floor-stomping dance monster. Remixing Seinabo Sey’s “Hard Time”, Big Gigantic’s rework adds their sax-infused blend of bass music goodness in order to make one hard grooving track.

Steeped in funky wah-laced guitar, clean earth-shattering bass, and Dominic Lalli’s signature sax spurts – Big Gigantic’s “Hard Times” remix is a killer track that we can’t wait to hear them drop on the dance floor.

Starting with Sey’s soulful vocals, the track progresses into a swirling menagerie of electronic sound, quickly building up to the all-encompassing drop. After the build, “Hard Time” falls into a full on dance music abyss as Lalli’s saxophone screams out over the top of Jeremy Salkin’s live percussion.

Moving on the track goes into a psychedelic, synth laden interlude. Continuing on the track builds yet again, whirling above our heads as the energy builds until it settles back into the main groove.

Our eardrums are currently in a state of perpetual funked-out bliss.

Big Gigantic’s “Hard Time” remix is a boundless track, and it showcases what the band does best. On point live percussion, heavy bass lines, and Lalli’s famous saxophone prowess – it’s exactly what we were hoping for when we first spotted this remix.

Check out Big Gigantic’s remix of “Hard Time” by Seinabo Sey below and grab the free download today.

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