10 Intimate Music Festivals that Will Change Your Life

Photo - Forest Woodward Photography - Facebook.
Photo – Forest Woodward Photography – Facebook.

Music festivals bring together individuals and beliefs, turning the individual parts into amalgamations of music, art, community, and more.

Bringing characters together for days of music and revelry, each music festival has the potential to leave indelible marks on individual’s character and beliefs – if that’s what is desired.

While the spiritual path is definitely a possibility, some music festivals eschew these transcendent goals for more traditional lighthearted entertainment (which isn’t a bad thing). These 10 festivals, however, dive headlong down the rabbit hole and into realms of possibility that many never knew existed.

This latter breed of event, transformational festivals, seeks to broaden individual consciousness while tightening our collective community.

Bringing together ideologies and art forms into one ultimate conglomeration, here are 10 intimate music festivals that have the power to change your life:

Lightning in a Bottle

10 Intimate Music Festivals that Will Change Your Life
Photo – Lightning in a Bottle and Daniel Zetterstrom – Facebook.

A legendary festival on all fronts, Lightning in a Bottle has led the charge in the transformational festival movement for over a decade. Combining music, yoga, workshops, environmentalism, and more – Lightning in a Bottle consistently sets the standard for transcendent festival experiences.

 Envision Festival

10 Intimate Music Festivals that Will Change Your Life
Photo – Envision Festival and Daniel Zetterstrom – Facebook.

Imagine yourself nestled near the edge of the Costa Rican jungle, just off the beach, with your favorite artist’s tunes wafting gently through the salt-soaked air. With your toes planted firmly in the sand you try to think of anywhere in the world that you’d rather be, yet your mind draws a blank.

This fairy-tale seems farfetched, but it’s exactly the environment that Envision Festival has worked so tirelessly to cultivate. With a deeply connected mindset, incredible community, breathtaking location, unbelievable music, and more – every open soul should experience this festival, and not just once.

Symbiosis Gathering

10 Intimate Music Festivals that Will Change Your Life
Photo – Symbiosis Events and Zipporah Lomax – Facebook.

Symbiosis Gathering is the worldly descriptor given to California’s almighty amalgamation of music, art, dance, community, consciousness, love, and more. Although the true spirit of the festival defies words, Symbiosis Gathering has been bringing people together since their first event took place under the California sky in 2005.

Growing from its humble roots to 2015’s festival featuring Nicolas Jaar, Tipper, GRiZ, Emancipator Ensemble, The Polish Ambassador, EOTO, Minnesota and G Jones (B2B set), EPROM, and more – get ready for Symbiosis Gathering 2015. It’s going to be epic.

Sonic Bloom

10 Intimate Music Festivals that Will Change Your Life
Photo – Sonic Bloom and Daniel Craverio – Facebook.

Sonic Bloom is the longstanding Colorado music festival that brings together the some of the deepest sounds from the electronic and jamtronic worlds. With 2015’s rendition bringing together artists like STS9, Shpongle, Emancipator, The Trancident (Michael Travis, Jason Hann, Michael Kang, and Kyle Hollingsworth), Random Rab, Phutureprimitive, Bluetech, and more – it’s tough to imagine anything more for the musical heart to desire desires.

With 2 nights of Tipper already announced for 2016, we can’t wait to see who else makes their way on the always incredible Sonic Bloom bill. If you’re looking to dive into the cerebral depths of the electric mind, Sonic Bloom is the perfect place for you.

Resonance Music & Arts Festival

10 Intimate Music Festivals that Will Change Your Life
Photo – Resonance Music & Art Festival and B. Hockensmith Photography – Facebook.

In only its second year, Resonance Music & Arts Festival 2014 solidified its place in the hearts and minds of last year’s attendees. Creating an incredibly intimate vibe, the inaugural Resonance Festival left fans glowing after from the intensely spiritual weekend. Moving location to Legends Valley in Thornville, Ohio for 2015 – we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Resonance 2015.

Zen Awakening

10 Intimate Music Festivals that Will Change Your Life
Photo – Zen Awakening Festival – Facebook.

Zen Awakening Festival is Orlando, Florida’s beloved amalgamation of music, yoga, meditation, art installations, flow arts, drum circles, workshops, healing sanctuaries, permaculture, and more. With the goal of creating a sacred environment to connect human consciousness and inspire transformation – Zen Awakening Festival is a beacon of light among today’s music festivals.

Outside of those lofty goals and ideals, Zen Awakening will play host to artists like EOTO, Thriftworks, Govinda, Archnemesis, and Sugarpill in addition to many others – need we say more?

AURA Music & Arts Festival

10 Intimate Music Festivals that Will Change Your Life
Photo – AURA Music & Arts Festival & Owleyesonyou – Facebook.

AURA Music & Arts Festival is held at the breathtaking Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida. Held early in the year, AURA marks the start to the year’s festival season for many in the southern states. Bringing together the best in electronic and organic music for days of revelry among the Live Oak trees and Spanish moss – AURA cultivates a feeling unlike any other each and every year of the beloved festival.

Desert Hearts

10 Intimate Music Festivals that Will Change Your Life
Photo – Desert Hearts and Aperture Love Photography – Facebook.

A record label as well as a bi-annual festival, Desert Hearts Festival first took shape in November 2012 as a gathering of 300 souls. Expanding upon that glorious moment, Desert Hearts has grown to incredible heights. Creating cutting edge, community-oriented house and techno events, Desert Hearts gatherings defy description. One must find the words for themselves.

Phases of the Moon

10 Intimate Music Festivals that Will Change Your Life
Photo – Phases of the Moon Festival and Noble Visions – Facebook.

Phases of the Moon is the big-name event with little-festival feel. Moving location after the festival’s first year, Phases of the Moon 2015 is moving its way south to Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas (the longstanding home to both Wakarusa and Harvest Festival). With an incredible attention to music, art, community, and the Phases Sanctuary – we can’t wait to see what the move to Mulberry will do for this young festival’s second year.

Lucidity Festival

10 Intimate Music Festivals that Will Change Your Life
Photo – Lucidity Festivals and Get Tiny Photography – Facebook.

Lucidity Festival is a festival steeped in co-creation. Seeking to provide a space for the personal and spiritual growth of attendees through participation and immersion in the artistic process, Lucidity’s deeply felt emphasis on connectivity and collaboration makes this festival one event that you absolutely have to attend.

What festivals would you include in the list? Be sure to leave a comment below to let us know!

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