Exclusive Premiere: Emancipator Ensemble – “Dusk to Dawn” (Live in Athens)

Calling all Emancipator aficionados, downtempo fanatics, and all-around good music fans: there’s some big news around the corner and you’re going to be ecstatic to hear it.

Emancipator is releasing his first album since January 2013, and it’s a live album with the Emancipator Ensemble.

The kicker? It’s set to be unveiled as a pay what you want release on Emancipator’s Loci Records label and it drops tomorrow – Thursday, June 4, 2015.

Exclusive Premier: Emancipator Ensemble - "Dusk to Dawn" (Live in Athens)
Doug Appling (right) and Ilya Goldberg (left), 2 pieces of the 4-piece Emancipator Ensemble puzzle. Photo – Emancipator – Facebook.

For those who don’t know, the Emancipator Ensemble is a 4-piece band assembled by Doug Appling AKA Emancipator to flawlessly reproduce and expand upon his unique blend of meditative downtempo music.

Hypnotic, ethereal, mesmerizing, and more – each word only scratches the surface of the range of emotion to be found in every single Emancipator track.

With undeniable hip hop grooves, endless live instrumentation, and immaculate production skill Emancipator is a tour-de-force in today’s downtempo and trip hop scenes.

As for the live album, it’s a beautiful and eclectic mix of tracks from Emancipator’s back catalogue. Recorded at the famous Georgia Theatre in Athens, Georgia on February 22, 2014 – Emancipator: Live in Athens a true thing of beauty.

The band was absolutely on fire that night, and the recordings speak for themselves.

Exclusive Premier: Emancipator Ensemble - "Dusk to Dawn" (Live in Athens)
Emancipator releases the live album, Emancipator: Live in Athens, on Thursday, June 4, 2015. Photo – Emancipator – Facebook.

The Ensemble’s playing on that night captures something more than just audio. It’s pure emotion, the excited sentiment of the crowd, and the sensation that only musician and audience can share when the stars align just right over their little corner of space and time. Put simply, something was on point in Athens that night. You can feel it.

So, in pure bliss we’d like to share with you an early present from the upcoming Emancipator: Live in Athens release: the title track off of his 2013 album, Dusk to Dawn.

The “Dusk to Dawn” cut from the Live in Athens album is awash in delicate and subtle texture as acoustic guitar, violin, bass, and an anthemic chorus floats headily over the track’s intoxicatingly smooth live drum beat.

In an ecstasy inducing swath, “Dusk to Dawn” carves its way through the Georgia Theatre and subsequent live recordings, entrancing all in its wake.

Exclusive Premier: Emancipator Ensemble - "Dusk to Dawn" (Live in Athens)
The ping pong match of the century: Shpongle (left) vs. Emancipator (right). Photo – Emancipator – Facebook.

As fans collectively wait for the full album release, “Dusk to Dawn” is just enough to wet our whistles and preview the soon-to-be immortalized Emancipator: Live in Athens record.

Check out the exclusive preview of “Dusk to Dawn” from the upcoming Emancipator: Live in Athens album below and sink your teeth into some of the best tunes that the Emancipator Ensemble has to offer.

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