diplo hey qt remix**UPDATE 3/25/2015** XL Recordings has just posted the Download Link for a free download! See below:

QT is the super duo of SOPHIE (Numbers Record Label) and A. G. Cook (head of P.C. Music) with the visual personality represented through performance artist Hayden Dunham.

Hey QT” was released via XL Recordings and immediately snagged the hearts of many. The idea was simple; “create” an energy drink called “QT” and promote it through an “artist” with music. The result drew a line in the music community; it was either prolific or trash, nothing in between.

Globe trotter, brain behind Major Lazer, co-member of Jack Ü,  and EDM superstar/legend Diplo immediately included it in his sets. Diplo loved the sound so much, he even was asked to create a remix…. in August of 2014.

Finally it has resurfaced via BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac radio show last night, March 10th.

SOPHIE & A.G. Cook Hey QT Diplo Remix
Diplo & Annie Mac via screen cap by mofidelity.co/superstar-djs-diplo/

Hotly anticipated, this remix captures the futuristic-pop QT floored the world with, but adds in traditional Diplo sounds – glitch/8-bit crunches, midtempo break downs/flips, seismic bass, ethnic/exotic qualities (especially in the instrumental melody lines here), and adding in trap elements.

While it doesn’t improve the original, it does stand next to the original track in quality. This one will no doubt be heard routinely and more in sets worldwide.

Hey cuties. Peep Diplo’s remix of “Hey QT” below. **UPDATE** Official Download Link HERE

QT “Hey QT” premiere at the Hudson Mohawke Ray-Ban x Boiler Room

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