Eloq x VesperTown – Why Don’t U 2.0 [Free Download]

Eloq x Vespertown "Why Don't U 2.0"
Eloq x VesperTown – Why Don’t U 2.0

ELOQ – August Fenger Janson – is a producer from Copenhagen, Denmark while VesperTown comes representing Tel Aviv.

VesperTown is a part of growing label Donkey Pitch that has been connected to infamous RinseFM as well as other international connections. The release is connected to Activia Benz that ELOQ is a part of.

ELOQ x VesperTown collaboration on “Why Don’t U 2.0” is addictive to say the least.

Tip toeing around every genre, beginning with the infamous “Hallelujah” Break quietly underneath, sliding into trap, pulsing into progressive house, shimmering into dubstep tendencies, falling over itself in juke, pulsing with techno synth waves, and cooling itself off with hip-hop and side of R&B slow jams, you cannot go wrong with this song.

It is painfully addictive and a tune that  does not stop moving – the pacing is impeccable. Why are you still reading? Listen below!

Head over to Activia Benz and the “ilovesingles.club” for a free download!

Listen to “Why Don’t U 2.0” by ELOQ x VesperTown below and grab the free download.