LIZ – All Them Boys

LIZ - All Them Boys
LIZ – All Them Boys [Free Download]
Mad Decent’s newest sub-label Jeffree’s prodige LIZ takes everything you loved about 90’s R&B/Club influences and funnels it through the 21st century spectrum.

“All Them Boys” is produced by powerhouses Mr. Carmack and Colta.

Soft, cushy, synth pads warm up the track in the beginning and allow LIZ to showcase her vocal prowess. If it doesn’t remind you of the amazing dance tracks of the 90’s, you’re about to learn what it was like.

The breakdown is so funky, and so slow-jams-influenced it’s amazing. 0:22 the “new jack swing” style snare drum scuffle starts. Just when you think it couldn’t get any deeper, at 0:37 they flip track into a pulsing, saw synth zig zagging underneath the synth stabs and LIZ’s perfect vocal pre-chorus. It’s hard to not be hooked, as the track continues to harken back to the 90’s style choices while also utilizing modern styles. At the 2 minute mark, the most amazing break down occurs.

It pulls you right into the style of TLC and then builds it up to throw you back in your dancing shoes to finish off the track on a high note.

Off of the Just Like You EP [Free Download], this track proves why LIZ was picked up by Mad Decent; she has the ability to transcend generations, and with the strong production team at Mad Decent she will surely stay around for years to come.

Check out LIZ – All Them Boys at the SoundCloud link below.