Gramatik - Just Jammin'
Gramatik – Just Jammin’

For most people Gramatik is the bridge between the electronic and organic worlds, and in many ways they’re the perfect exemplification of that idea.

One part producer/DJ, one part guitarist, all parts funky.

Continuing in that tradition, Gramatik’s Coffee Shop Selection is a 22-track album that treads the line between electronic and organic, traditional and futuristic.

In the case of “Just Jammin'” (released for free via Gramatik’s SoundCloud) and its signature off-kilter ragtime swing and freeform feel; it’s one of those EDM tracks that sounds as at home in jazz clubs as it does at the Electric Forest main stage.

Solos abound and intertwine, melding together as saxophone, piano, and guitar passages splash together like a perfectly crafted cocktail. Get ready for this one, it’s a solid chiller.

Check out Gramatik’s “Just Jammin'” from Coffee Shop Selection below and grab a some of the chill feels for yourself.

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