Ex-Danity Kane Member Reinvents Herself With Single “Not Above That”

D∆WN, otherwise known as ex-Danity Kane member Dawn Richards, has reinvented herself at an exponential rate.

Constantly creeping up on every critics top albums of the year end lists, D∆WN  has been pushing herself.

Pursuing her vision, she has been collaborating with a lot of exciting producers, with the latest being juke/glitch savant Machinedrum on her single “Not Above That”.

D∆WN via SoundCloud.com

D∆WN’s voice echoes in the foreground as a dark, ambient synth swirls forward to a steady, syncopated synth punctuated by claps.

This minute build up is to prepare you for Machinedrum’s uncanny percussion ability – the type of beat that just makes you dance anywhere and everywhere instantly.

After the chorus, Machinedrum pulls it all back to allow D∆WN to be accompanied by a piano that evolves into the synth element from the beginning.

On the second chorus, Machinedrum allows D∆WN’s voice to be harmonized over the flipping bass drum kicks – long enough to reinvent itself halfway through and fill itself with bouncy ambiance over the scattered pulses.

Coming off her recent success with her unbelievable album Blackheart, D∆WN is poised to have another gigantic year solidifying her sound, vision, and artistic ability with her follow up Redemptionheart coming this year.

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