Here’s How You Can Study Music Production At EDM’s Summer Mecca

Refining your music production is akin to mastering any skill – you can dedicate countless time to self study but professionals with years of experience are an invaluable resource that provide insight and perspective you will not find any where else.

What if there was a program that allowed you to study under industry veterans while immersing yourself in one of the richest dance music cultures in the world? Ibiza’s Summer Sessions are offering just that. This getaway offers producers a unique multicultural experience to hone their craft with some of the leading beat makers in the industry.

Grow Your EDM Following

While this program is just one way to master your production, promoting yourself as an artist is the most crucial aspect of taking your career to the next level.

Your online presence is the key factor in getting your music in front of more people. Too often we see extremely talented artists who release their music and think it will blow up by itself. Unfortunately this is rarely the case any more.

Various channels reach different audiences and it’s imperative to leverage these while establishing a consistent brand message. However managing all of these channels can be a daunting task. Many artists have an entire team behind them, ensuring these details are ironed out. We understand this can be near impossible when starting out your career as a DJ & producer.

Learn How to Produce EDM

Thankfully, artists can now drive viral social interactions while establishing a comprehensive digital profile in one place.

promote yourself as an artist
Take your career to the next level. Invest in yourself.

The new artist BuzzPage has emerged as a central hub that acts as your online business card – and the community is rapidly growing.

A one-stop digital press kit, your Music BuzzPage allows you to put your best foot forward and make an unforgettable first impression. Created for you by professionals, your BuzzPage eliminates the high cost of web developers, PR teams, and management, providing a cost-efficient platform to kickstart your career.

In a world where music and social media interactions are consumed and driven in the palm of your hand, this mobile-optimized platform is ready to go to work for you.

Nothing worth pursuing was ever easy, and investing in yourself is key.

Join the growing community of DJs, producers, and artist entrepreneurs on the new BuzzPage and continue taking your career to the next level.

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