7 Singles that Capture the Essence of Being Spiritually Gangster

We stumbled upon a few tracks that we believe should be dubbed, Spiritual Gangster. It is not necessarily a similar sound that ties this collection of music together to make them spiritually gangster. Spiritual Gangster music ties confidence building, OG gangster vibes with spiritually charged electronic music.

Listen to these 7 tracks to understand the essence of Spiritual Gangster music.

Let’s start with Detlef‘s ‘Swagon’ featuring Ossey James. This track uses a deep, driving tech house beat that asks you to look within and feel the moment, then Ossey James’ gangster lyrics emerge, giving this track swag to put it in the category of spiritual gangster.

Listen to Detlef‘s Swagon featuring Ossey James:

We have to include Louis the Child’s ‘Shake Something’ into the Spiritual Gangster realm, as Joey Purp’s catchy, OG hooks meld with an uplifting drop.

Listen to Louis The Child’s ‘Shake Something’:

“Super Heady Spiritual Gangster” by Soohan is another track that really captures the essence of the Spiritual Gangster wave.

Listen to Soohan’s “Super Heady Spiritual Gangster”:

Soohan plays around with all sorts of spiritual instrument sounds while taking an overall EDM centric approach. A didgeridoo sound is incorporated throughout most of the song. As the track fades you hear trippy vocals that mimic the sounds of an ancient tribe’s chant. There’s also a trap influenced style to it. A trap influenced song with tribe chants and didgeridoos? This is epitomizes being a spiritual gangster.

CloZee’s collaboration with Jason Anthony is especially spiritually gangster.

All the right instruments are used to give her songs that divine feel. From harps, to violins, pianos and a sprinkle of drum beats, her skillset is off the charts when it comes to her productions. With “Sucker Punch” Jason’s lyrics allows listeners to experience her music in a new light. It keeps things interesting and it encourages CloZee’s sounds to evolve to the next level.

Listen to CloZee & Jason Anthony’s “Sucker Punch”:

For our next example we look toward the L.A. based producer, Knight of Water, who released his Depth EP about a month ago.

Featured first on the project is a track called “There is No Ending” with lyrics by Spxtrm. The short intro quickly leads into Spxtrm flexing his rap competency as he talks about wearing crystals and spreading love. Spxtrm preaches positive vibes while shoving negativity to the side, exemplify the spiritual gangster mentality.

Listen to Knight of Water’s “There Is No Ending” ft. Spxtrm:

We asked Knight of Water, Christian Santos, how the collaboration came to light. He explained:

I met Spxtrm or Phil thru social media, we had a friend in common and I was a big fan of his lyricism and music. I started talking to him and made a connection. He was really intrigued by my production so I told him to send me some vocals. “There is No Ending” is the result of what he sent me that day. He sent me the raw vocals acapella and I built the song around him. We got more tracks in the work for the future.

Knight of Water is involved with The Undergrowth crew based in North Carolina. They’re a group of artists that define themselves as a ‘conscious collective’. Knight of Water fits in perfectly given his outright ability to throw down quality experimental bass sound designs. We expect big things to come from him.

This collection would not be complete without Yheti‘s collboaration with Mt. Analogue and Hecka.

Listen to Yheti, Hecka & Mt. Analogue’s ‘Purpose’:

Nothing within the track is forced and that makes it so addictive and full of swag. Mt. Analogue is a true visionary, a rapper with a certain intellectual flow to his words, seeking a higher consciousness.

Next, during J Brd’s “Spiritual Release” you can feel the serotonin rush through your brain as the build drops into something deep and wonky.

Listen to J Brd’s “Spiritual Release”: 

“Spiritual Release” is the first compilation from Surrealist Records, a new label founded by Shawn M. Sparlin A.K.A. LoDurr. Surprisingly enough, “Spiritual Release” is considered a riddim track or disturbing dubstep. We argue that some of the more spiritual music in EDM is on the darker side. There’s something about those really low pitched wubs that hypnotize the mind in a way no other music can.

The essence of Spiritual Gangsters is very much alive and growing. Please comment on any Spiritual Gangster tracks you may have come across.

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