Teleport Back In Time With Roman Kouder’s Disco Tapes

Did you feel that? You may not be fully aware yet, but by clicking this article you hit a button to teleport back to the 70s. All you can do now is enjoy the magic of the 70’s as you listen to a near hour of groovy beats featuring some of your favorite house tracks but with a disco vibe.

Grab those disco party pants for the 8th volume of ‘Hoa Tapes,’ radio show featuring guest mix by French DJ Roman Kouder.

Photo Credit by Hoa Tapes

Roman is known to mix splendidly a wide range of edm sub-genres blending them with disco components. His style is clear with one of his first tracks he released called ‘Nightlight’, which will make you officially feel like you have been teleported back to the 70’s with it’s chic disco sound yet, exceptionally electrifying. Afterward, we hear his more deep house side through his single, ‘Nerve to Say’.

With that kind of lustrous work, Roman merges a portion of the most sultry, funkiest tracks into the mix.

Photo By Karoussell

He includes clever tunes like ‘Together’, by Kaytranada, ‘Summertime’, by Milk and Sugar and even, ‘Soul Motion’, from Antonio Giacca. The mix starts with a smooth, hip-hop track by Mura Masa with ‘Messy Love’, which eases you in.

The chill vibe proceeds as it prompts with Kaytanada, however, as it progresses it turns into a fun, disco party! Roman does this as he puts in irresistible disco beats like ‘Last Forever’ by Oliver and ‘Body Funk’, by Purple Disco Machine.

The talented producer, Roman, only has received some flattering comments from listeners on Soundcloud since the release of the mix, and it’s obvious! He makes it fun, brings back time, and knows how to put you in a dancing groove!

Listen to and download for free Hoa Tapes – Volume 8 (By Roman Kouder):

Bonus Track: ‘Nightlight’ by Roman Kouder:

Full Tracklist:

1. Mura Masa – Messy Love
2. Kaytranada – Together
3. Anoraak – Last Call
4. Gigamesh – Feral Youth
5. Moullinex – Open House
6. Oliver – Last Forever
7. Nytron x Andrey Exx – Shine on Me
8. Purple Disco Machine – Body Funk
9. Alex Kenji – My Babe (Me & My Toothbrush Remix)
10. Sugarstarr – Hey Sunshine (Antonio Giacca Remix)
11. Milk & Sugar – Summertime
12. Antonio Giacca – Soul Motion
13. Me & My Toothbrush – Come On
14. Jl & Afterman – Could You Be Loved

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