Antonio Giacca Discusses Life on the No Xcuses Tour and Upcoming Plans [WATCH]

Before his performance at Vibe Las Olas hosted by thatDROP, we interviewed Antonio Giacca to speak about his current tour and upcoming plans for 2016.

Watch the Antonio Giacca Interview below:

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He spoke about going on bus tour with the No Xcuses crew and how they have synergy together. He considers them family and since they have a collective passion for music, the shows ended up being amazing for attendees. “Doing business with your friends is as good as it gets”, he said.

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One of the highlights of the tour was playing Toronto on his birthday where EDX and his other DJ friends surprised him with a birthday cake in the middle of his set.

A new single on Enormous Tunes and a new track on Spinnin’ Records in September are only a few of the things in store for Antonio Giacca this year.

thatDROP Logo at Vibe Las Olas
thatDROP Logo at Vibe Las Olas

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