Nora En Pure’s New EP ‘Conquer Yosemite’ Displays Her Majestic Soundscape

Coming off her strongest year yet, dance music’s most beloved lady Nora En Pure launches into 2017 with a refreshing and dynamic 4-track EP, ‘Conquer Yosemite’. The EP that was literally just released by Enormous Tunes, is available to listen to for free on Spotify by clicking here.

Be the first to feast your ears on Nora En Pure’s meticulous and deep EP, ‘Conquer Yosemite’.

Nora En Pure ‘Conquer Yosemite’ EP

The EP opens with a track labeled after a bucket list item for her, ‘Diving With Whales’. This track creates a unique atmosphere that instantly became a fan favorite. Following is an alluring track called, ‘Caught In The Act’, comprised of instrumentals and soothing vocals that create a funky dance mix.

Nora shows her ninja like qualities in the next track, ‘Make Me Love You’, by delivering a hard hitting banger with such finesse and delicacy. She does that by accompanying the piano with bouncy basslines. ‘Freedom Lives Within’ is a powerful track to end the EP strong with airy synths and tropical beats. In this track, she also layers in animal sounds and soft vocals to transcend listens to a feeling of internal freedom.

The EP title, ‘Conquer Yosemite’, alludes to Pure’s prowess over a majestic soundscape.

thatDROP Party Nora En Pure Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Nora En Pure performs during our sold out event at Vibe Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Saturday, January 31, 2016.

Listen to, ‘Make Me Love You’, off Nora En Pure’s new EP ‘Conquer Yosemite’ below:

Enjoy Nora En Pure’s crowd favorite hit, ‘Diving With Whales’ below:

Listen to ‘Caught In The Act’ by Nora En Pure below:

Listen to ‘Freedom Lives Within by Nora En Pure below:

The EP is both a reflection of her world tour over the past year, and her South African heritage. We look forward to watching Nora keep accelerating through the year and getting down to her sets at big festivals this summer like, Electric Forest and Coachella. Learn more about our favorite lady producer by reading our recent interview with the deep house Duchess by clicking here.

You can purchase Nora En Pure‘s new EP ‘Conquer Yosemite’ so you can cherish these crisp tracks forever by clicking here.

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