Exclusive Interview with Deep House Duchess Nora En Pure

We got the amazing opportunity to talk with Nora En Pure about her ‘Tell My Heart’ tour, career, and life. Enjoy listening to her brand new track, ‘Diving With Whales’ and find out what the song title means to her by reading our interview.

Photo via Nora En Pure

Listen to and download ‘Diving With Whales’ by Nora En Pure below: 

You’re on your ‘Tell My Heart’ world tour turning up the party with deep house tracks wherever you go. So far, you have performed in Australia, Europe, Dubai and the US. Which places surprised you the most and why?

I had some pretty amazing moments in Australia at the beginning of the tour. In particular, I was very impressed with Cairns. It’s a small spot and the festival series that I took part in was so much fun. In the US, I visited some new smaller cities that I hadn’t played before, which was really great. Places like Santa Barbara, Denver, and Albuquerque blew me away – I really felt the enthusiasm and support there.

Photo via Nora En Pure

How would you summarize the ‘Tell My Heart’ tour thus far?

It’s been a blast! The most incredible way to end the year. It may have been stressful, and a lot of traveling – I was in 4 continents within 3-4 weeks and at some stage I had such a messed up rhythm of the different time zones that I started naturally sleeping 3hrs twice per day… but it’s been so passionate and so inspiring and I’ve enjoyed every show that I have played.

‘Tell My Heart’ is a track of yours that features Dani Senior. Can you tell us a bit about how this track was created? What inspired you? What is your songwriting process like?

Yes – it’s the vocal version of my original ‘Lake Arrowhead’. At first I was a bit nervous about putting a vocal with this track, as it meant so much to me as an instrumental. The result is beautiful though, and I think that Dani’s voice really takes it to another dimension.

Photo via Nora En Pure
Photo via Nora En Pure

You’ve had an amazing year, what have you done differently in 2016 to accelerate your career?

To be honest, I don’t think I have done anything differently. I try to remain very persistent, and just focus on delivering high quality productions and passionate performances.

How would you describe your music in one word?


Nora En Pure photo via The Grass Is Greener Music Festival

We are excited to see you are on the Electric Forest lineup this year. How, if at all, do you feel a Nora En Pure show changes based on where you’re performing?

I think that in the US, crowds are very open to my music, and allow me to explore a bit more and try new things out. My set definitely depends on where I am playing and what I feel the crowd is into, also for festivals I usually prefer much groovier stuff than in clubs.

Photo via Nora En Pure

For someone who has never been to a music festival in Europe or Australia, how would you compare them to the music festivals we have here in the US?

In my experience, it always depends a lot on the character of the festival. In Europe I rather play at more underground music festivals for deep house, tech house and techno. Accordingly people come to go on a musical trip more than just to party I’d say. So the audience might be a little more laid back, while US crowds like to go a little more crazy ?. In Australia I feel people are similar like in US – really up for partying!

Do you have a mentor? Does anybody stand out who has helped shape who you are today? Personally and/or professionally.

Personally I have a strong and small circle of people around me that I rely on and refer to for anything. While growing up I was taught important values that I’m very grateful for and I’m sure they have shaped my personality a lot.

Professionally I also have a pretty amazing team that supports me and gives me inputs and feedbacks and most importantly inspires me. All the Helvetic Nerds artists are like a little family and I believe in the last few years we really managed to be distinctive with our sound.

Photo via Nora En Pure facebook Felipe Miranda Photography

Last but not least, never have I ever. What is one thing you have never done that you hope to do someday?

I am a huge outdoors and animals person so I have done and tried many activities in these fields, but matching to my new release, ‘Diving With Whales’, I have never been swimming or diving with whales or dolphins and that’s always been a dream of mine.

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