Martin Garrix Presents 7 Songs in 7 Days – Day 7: “Make Up Your Mind”

Day 7 is finally here and Martin Garrix has certainly set a very high bar for himself. A bar which he has not only met, but exceeded with his newest and final release: “Make Up Your Mind”. For the past seven days he has been releasing new music, one track a day. In case you missed it (in which case you’re missing out!) here’s a quick recap:
Day 1:  WIEE (with Mesto)
Day 2: Sun is Never Going Down (feat. Dawn Golden)
Day 3: Spotless (with Jay Hardway)
Day 4: Hold on and Believe (feat. The Federal Empire)
Day 5: Welcome (with Julian Jordan)
Day 6: Together (with Matisse & Sadko)

“Make Up Your Mind” finishes Garrix’s seven day release extravaganza with a bang.

Martin Garrix 7 Tracks in 7 Days
Photo via Instagram // Martin Garrix

The collaboration with Florian Picasso utilizes progressive house sounds in the build with a heavy bass drop. It is without a doubt, a solid ending to the week. The track is one that invites headbanging, shuffling, gloving and dancing in every shape and form.

Throughout the past week Garrix has stunned fans with his extraordinary music genre-bending talents. He has released mellow sounds, deep bass, heavy synths and everything in between. If you haven’t listened to Garrix’s previous releases, you can follow the links in the recap above to check them out.

Listen to “Make Up Your Mind” below:

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