Martin Garrix Presents 7 Songs in 7 Days – Day 2: “Sun Is Never Going Down”

Martin Garrix never ceases to amaze. The Dutch DJ has had a huge year, releasing hit tracks like “In the Name of Love“. 2016 isn’t over yet, and Garrix isn’t letting up on the hot music either. For the fans, Garrix has devoted the week to releasing seven tracks, one per day, until Thursday.

Day 1 was devoted to “WIEE” which Garrix produced with fellow Dutch producer Mesto. “WIEE” was whimsical, playful and incredibly dance-able.

Comparing it to his newest track, “Sun Is Never Going Down” is like comparing night and day, the two are incredibly different.

Martin Garrix - Sun Is Never Going Down (feat. Dawn Golden)
Martin Garrix – Sun Is Never Going Down (feat. Dawn Golden)

“Sun is Never Going Down” features Dawn Golden‘s rich vocals and the vocals and beats of the song mesh together perfectly. The song is energetic and strong from start to finish. Garrix’s new track embraces progressive house and is an addicting tune.

When he initially announced that he was releasing seven tracks in seven days, I was a bit worried. I thought that the tracks would all sound very similar, a common pitfall. But Garrix has not only avoided this, but he has released tracks that are different, fun and embrace completely different styles of music.

This is part of the Dutch DJ’s #Seventracksinsevendays where he will be releasing a new track everyday for the next week to thank his fans! “Sun is Never Going Down” is track #2 of 7, so we still have more to go. We here at thatDROP will be following closely for the next week to cover his new releases.

Listen to “Sun Is Never Going Down” below:

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