Martin Garrix Presents 7 Songs in 7 Days – Day 5: “Welcome”

Day Five is here and as promised, Martin Garrix has released another track. “Welcome” is a collaboration between Garrix and fellow Dutch DJ Julian JordanThere’s a lot that could be said about this track, but the one word I’ll use to describe it is: unexpected.

Regardless of what kind of genre you embrace, “Welcome” is a refreshing genre-bending track.

Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan - Welcome
Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan – Welcome

“Welcome” opens innocuously enough with a mellow synthesized string sound. However, Garrix and Jordan wasted no time turning up the track and thirty seconds in, listeners are in for a surprise. I won’t spoil the unexpected turn the song takes, but I highly recommend you listen to the track the whole way through.

The track utilizes synths and heavy distorted techno sounds throughout the track. Moving up and down through the different sounds giving equal time to both. If someone had told me that synthesized string sounds could work well with grimy techno, I wouldn’t believe you. However, after giving “Welcome” a listen through, I have to change my opinion.

Listen to “Welcome” below:

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