Martin Garrix Presents 7 Songs in 7 Days – Day 3: “Spotless”

Martin Garrix has made himself the star of the week with his seven track releases in seven days. Not one to disappoint (ever) Garrix kicks off day 3 of his 7 day spree with “Spotless”.

This newest collaboration between Martin Garrix and fellow Dutch DJ Jay Hardway showcases both individual’s style, talent and sounds.

“Spotless” showcases electro-house at its very best.

Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway - Spotless
Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway – Spotless

Filled with strong basslines, fast kick drums and a pounding tempo, “Spotless” brings energy for all three and a half minutes. As a track, it opens with deep synth sounds and then quickly melds in a fast-paced beat before dropping into higher pitched tones.

Garrix and Hardway play with sounds, beats and instruments that are all drastically different. However, the two Dutch phenomenons are able to combine the disparate elements into a song that lives up to its name. The pace changes throughout the song, but the melody never stops. “Spotless” is a song that you can listen to while dancing, gloving, or just driving.

Garrix still has four more releases for his eagerly waiting fans. With big songs like “WIEE”, “Sun is Never Going Down” and “Spotless”, the bar is set high. But if anyone can continue to impress and release songs that live up to the hype, it’ll be Martin Garrix. We’re psyched to see what tomorrow brings!

Listen to “Spotless” below:

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