Johnlukeirl Brings The Juke To Slow Magic’s “Drum” With Remix

For artists like eclectic Slow Magic, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect fit in another producer to craft a remix which lets the original shine in fundamental ways. This track expresses itself in a new light. Slow Magic’s “Drum” is transformed by Johnlukeirl into a melodic, juke-hybrid paradise in this case.

To start, Johnlukeirl breaks tradition by incorporating catchy and whimsical riffs.


They aren’t always directly present in his work in the Juke genre.

Highlighting the meaning of the track’s title, his remix of “Drum” makes the use of various percussion elements which pull the track between a Blue Man Group exhibition and slow club-jam.

Johnlukeirl changes the original ambiance found in Slow Magic’s original to a pulsating aria.

You aren’t always sure what comes next. While there is a clear distinction between organic and electronic within this remix, the mash-up of both elements in the remix highlights the careful process Johnlukeirl takes to craft the track.

It’s important to note the remix’s careful attention to the multi-genre elements.

He combines traditional instrumental sounds with the out of the ordinary. The juke elements and beats carefully mesh with the frantic synths and studied percussion by the last minute of the track and create a sense of tribal fever, which slowly devolves into a slow pause before the “Drum” remix makes its triumphant last “smack-in-your-face”. There is plenty of frantic percussion to get your last fill.

Listen to “Drum” (Johnlukeirl Remix) by Slow Magic:

Johnlukeirl’s remix is a fully-fleshed love song to Juke elements and unfamiliar sounds which cannot be crammed under one genre.

“Drum” acts as a tribute to not only the world of percussion but an example of Johnlukeirl’s expanding sound. If this “Drum” remix shocked your ears properly, get the download here and keep on the lookout for more sick juke from Johnlukeirl.

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