Jack Ü "Take Ü There" (Feat. Kiesza) [Missy Elliott Remix]
Jack Ü ft. Kiesza – Take Ü There (Missy Elliott Remix)
Consisting of Diplo and Skrillex, Jack Ü has established themselves as a force within electronic dance music.

When you have Diplo on a track, you know that it will automatically be great, and when you add Skrillex, you know it will be on another level. Both are laptop DJ’s and producers with the ability to make songs/remixes in a single flight – pretty incredible.

Jack Ü’s first single is the track “Take Ü There,” featuring new techno/house muse Kiesza.

Kiesza has the perfect voice to catapult any electronica track as she proved with her smash hit “Hideaway.”

With this new remix by Missy Elliott, it adds so much more to a good song. Now, the song has more levels because Missy Elliott adds her excellent rapping style to the otherwise bland “instrumental” verse break downs between choruses.

It’s a great reintroduction for Missy Elliott into the USA market again as she created 2 decent singles in 2012, and was featuring on K-Pop rap icon G-Dragon’s “Niliria” in 2014 (both smash this tune too especially with Missy’s rapid fire verse) – she’s long overdue to reclaim the throne.

As an added bonus, at the end Jack Ü turns Kiesza’s vocals into an improvised solo melody.

By re-pitching the vocals into tiny samples, it gives the ability for Jack Ü to add more variation to the vocal chorus. It’s great to have Missy Elliott featured on a track after her success with her halftime Super Bowl 49 performance.

She has more to come for sure, and Jack Ü will most likely have a proper release this year too. Enjoy this amazing remix of Jack Ü’s “Take Ü There” by Missy Elliott.

 Listen to Missy Elliott’s remix of “Take Ü There” by Jack Ü below.

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