Indie-Folk Band Kytes Releases Music Video for Dance Music Collaboration with Digitalism

Freshly off a successful European tour, the German quartet Kytes follows their release with Hamburg electro veterans Digitalism ‘Hula Hoop’ on Frisbee Records with a music video, capturing the perfect day for kites and hula hoopsThe band shares,  “we’re super excited about the music video for hula-hoop. It’s the result of a thrilling collaboration between Kytes and Digitalism and Laureen Drexler (choreography), Kevin Nowak (art direction & concept), Florian Moshammer (dop), Elias Oldofredi (producer) and the four amazing dancers Christina Osternig, Zoé-Affan Strasser, Livia Khazanehdair and Soleil Jean-Marain.

It was clear to us, that we wanted to try something totally different for the song with Digitalism. The song and sound stands out from everything we ever did so the video had to be really special. We ended up with a contemporary dance performance almost like a theater piece. It’s the complete opposite of our music video for the song “Alright” which also includes a dance performance. To us, it’s the perfect combination between music & dance. It’s abstract unlike a commercial. Amazing how the music feels totally different in combination with the video it kind of opens a new level of the song. We’re totally captivated by the dance performance and the choreography and love how the video takes you to a different world for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.”



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