The Human Experience Broadens With This Much Anticipated Release

The Human Experience Broadens With This Much Anticipated Release
The mind behind The Human Experience: David Block. Photo – The Human Experience – Facebook.

If you’re not already familiar with The Human Experience, you should be… you’re living it.

The product of producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist David Block – The Human Experience has amassed a dedicated following of movers, groovers, dancers, and shakers with his visceral releases and meditative live sets.

Releasing his first album in 2010, the last half decade has been a blur of movement and creation as Block has gone on to release an astounding number of mesmerizing albums, mixes, remixes, and collaborations since then.

With a contemplative mix downtempo, trip-hop, and world music infused tunes – one never knows what to expect with a new Human Experience release. It’s electrifying.

The upcoming WAVS album art.

In that regard, we’re thrilled to announce that there is a new album that’s slated to be reveal in the coming weeks – but it won’t be The Human Experience as we know it.

Entitled WAVS, the name will mark the title of the upcoming record as well as Block’s new collaborative live band project featuring himself on production/keys, Paul Weinfield on guitar, and Danny Musengo on vocal duties.

A 7-track EP, who knows what WAVS will entail; this is uncharted territory.

Anticipated to be a deep and introspective journey through the depths of the human experience but with the addition of this new sonic concoction, WAVS’ release date can’t come fast enough.

With other single-track collaborations with hip hop legend The Grouch, producer Bee Born (both on the same track), and the audiovisual and performance art tour-de-force Quixotic in the works – we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these scintillating releases.

If you’re looking to get acquainted with (or just want to jam to) The Human Experience, check out the following tracks!

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