DJ vs. Light Tech… Who Wins? [Video]

It takes an entire team to turn a show into an experience. Musicians, lighting/sound tech’s, security, venue staff, promoters, etc. are all involved in an intricate orchestra to create the mind-blowing musical experiences that we all know and love.

Recently, RedRevolt uploaded a hilarious video to YouTube that shows the other side of this equation – one where things don’t go so smoothly. Apparently the DJ had been less than cordial (to put it eloquently) with the lighting tech before the show, so the tech decided to pull a quick one on the DJ for retribution.

Following the massive build in “Don’t Stop The Madness vs. Kernkraft 400” (Hardwell Mashup) the light tech cuts everything minus one solid beam on the DJ, rendering the drop whimsical and flimsy with his expertly timed revenge.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, watch the video above and remember: it’s not just the DJ that turns a show into an experience.

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