Krystyn Pixton – Beads On The Wind (The Human Experience Remix)

kyrstyn pixton beads on the wind
Kyrstyn Pixton – Beads on the Wind (The Human Experience Remix)

The 4th single from David Block’s latest album “Embraced” is a track he remixed for the lovely Kyrstyn Pixton whose vocals have such a powerful, uplifting presence.

David, AKA The Human Experience, sings her praises:

Kyrstyn’s music is deep and uplifting. Her improvisational skills are incredible, and if you’ve ever had the chance to see her live, she’s quite the silly one as well. I’ve had some of my favorite live jams with her.

I’m so excited to share my rendition of “Beads on the Wind“. I was visiting Kyrstyn and our friend Theo Brama happened to be at her house when I was choosing which song I wanted to remix. I dove immediately into writing the song and was adding some guitar parts when I invited Theo (also 1/2 of Entheo, who I recommend checking out) to lay down some guitar parts. Very happy with the result. This song melts my heart.

It melts our hearts as well. “Beads on the Wind” is an ambient piece of work with a powerful message. It’s just one of those songs that can touch your soul.

Listen to The Human Experience remix of “Beads on the Wind” below.

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