Throughout the summer, the tropical and future house beats took over the scene. They were the perfect kind of tracks to continue the beach vibes in the summery winds. Now, that fall has arrived, recent releases are in tune with the season.

LA-based artist Durante released ”Split Wick,” a deep house melody that is warmer than the sunshine rays in fall.

Source: Durante Facebook

”Split Wick” stays in between 100bpm-130bpm from the initial as softer piano chords blend smoothly.  Durante continues to keep the melody in a monotonous mode. However, he merges the build up throughout the entire track. The muted bass lines rise continuously as synths harmonies show up out of the blue towards the ending.

In summary, the whole tune in totality is an ideal definition of deep house.

Kevin Durante is a producer and DJ that is appealed to house and techno. He has a tendency of going purely raw with anything he makes and trust me, it’s beautiful. ”Split Wick,” is a reflection of his work from his DJing skills to his producing craftsmanship. He elaborates with pounding bass, forms state of mind with melodic harmonies, and trimmings with tribal percussive surfaces.

Listen to “Split Wick” by Durante:

His unique sound, is a combination of his voyages and worldwide past. It’s rich and sentimental, similar to his initial youth spent in his introduction to the world in Italy. And, it’s tropical and lively, loaded with Latin shading like his developmental years in Florida. It’s challenging and gutsy, similar to when he moved to Los Angeles while never having seen the west coast.

This sound is what makes Durante a signature work of a talented, creative musician.

Meet Durante:

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