Tyler Wallin, AKA GG Wallin, has created a superbly seductive EP that went live for the public on November 28th through ThazDope Records. Known for his mesmerizing bass blasted sound, “Last One Dead Is A Rotten Egg” pulls at every facet of the brain in the most hypnotizing of ways. Beginning in the heart of Chattanooga TN, GG Wallin has slowly but surely begun to make his mark in the world of weird bass.

GG Wallin breaks new bass boundaries with his latest EP, “Last One Dead Is A Rotten Egg.”

last one dead is a rotten egg album art

Album art via GG Wallin

The first track “Sunken In” prepares you for the outrageous depth of intricate sound that stays consistent through the whole project.

Soon enough you begin picturing yourself drooling in front of a PK speaker blowing your ear drums out with zero regrets.

While every track is more than worthy of discussing, fast forward momentarily to the fourth track titled “Purple Sweats“.

Now, let’s pause for a moment. This is a forewarning that this is not meant to be listened to at low levels. If you haven’t already, turn that volume WAY the f*ck up. Now resume and enter a whole new world of weird bass trance that seldom exists inside this realm. Are you speechless? You should be.

I already know you haven’t had your fill of Wallin’s massive sound.

Luckily the outro, “Skinless“, gives us a proper send off. The track begins with a trippy plethora of vocals coupled with high pitched synth sounds that take an abrupt turn towards a raunchy bass banger. If the previous tracks didn’t prove his worth, which i’m certain you’d be lying if you said they didn’t, “Skinless” will undoubtedly seal the deal for you.

Listen below to GG Wallin’s “High Anxiety”:

I have a feeling this EP project is only a subtle beginning to GG Wallin’s career in the weird bass industry. Stay tuned for more eerie newness from the bass boss himself in the coming year.

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