Frankyeffe on Mammoth Release ‘Skin’, Lockdown in Italy and Future of Electronic Music

Today sees prolific Rome-based selector and label owner, Frankyeffe release his brand-new single, ‘Skin’ featuring BRUNA via his own Riot Recordings imprint.

Continuing his hot streak of 2020 releases, Italian techno typhoon, Frankyeffe returns with yet another essential addition to his ever-expanding catalogue. A little under two months after his pounding Rave Alarm EP, he’s back with his mammoth new single, ‘Skin’ featuring German DJ/vocalist and previous Riot Recordings collaborator, BRUNA. 

Offering up an ample feast of powerhouse production, ‘Skin’ arrives as striking showpiece for Frankyeffe’s domineering approach to dance music. Clocking in at 7 minutes 39 seconds, its ascending atmospherics and pounding bassline is impenetrably dense, the track’s percussive groove also intricately punctuated by laser-synth interludes. BRUNA provides hypnotic vocals throughout; her cryptic narration is all-encompassing and immersive beneath ‘Skin’s’ cavernous exterior.

Rapidly gaining the attention and respect of the wider dance community, Frankyeffe has previously featured on the likes of Suara, Senso Sounds, JAM, Tronic, Kraftek, We Are The Brave, Filth On Acid and Terminal M

As well as running regular nights at Rome’s renowned Rashõmon Club, Frankyeffe’s tireless work ethic and ever-present influence amongst the Italian techno scene has earnt him an thriving reputation with home fans and the wider European dance community. Though Italy has been one of the worst affected European countries by the recent COVID-19 crisis, Frankyeffe is looking at a positive future and is keen explore how his country can work to the reenergise it’s tight-knit music scene.

In the midst of it all we reached out to hear from Frankyeffe directly for a thatDROP  interview. Frankyeffe shares insight on ‘Skin’, the story of his Traintek events, life in quarentine, future of the dance community and a fresh quarantine themed mix for thatDROP.

I really enjoyed Traintek the other week, great collective of artists. What is the backstory on how Traintek events originated? 

Traintek was born in 2008 to a group of 22 and 23 year olds with a great passion for electronic music. I was a very young emerging DJ and we started doing events near home and then we got to make the first parties at one of the most renowned clubs in Italy, the Rashomon Club. In 2012 after 4 years of residence I wanted to disconnect a little to devote myself more to the productions and my career as a DJ.

In 2019 I decided to bring Traintek to Rome once a month at the Rashomon Club, having a party of mine and only with friends and my Riot Team colleagues.

Can you tell us about the current state of the Italian dance community and what the future holds for the scene you have worked for years to build?   

I think we need to bring people back to enjoy the clubs with taste, offering beautiful music and giving space only to the good DJs who know how to do their work.

Coming from Italy, one of the countries with the biggest impact of COVID-19. How has the Italian community come together during quarantine? What is the current status of COVID-19 in Italy? Can you tell us some reasons to be optimistic about moving past the pandemic?

In Italia we have spent moments of anxiety and fear. I personally came to central Italy and I passed the lockdown with serenity with my family and working a lot. but many people have lost their lives and the situation in northern Italy has been very serious.

The Italians reacted well and respected the safety rules to fight Covid. Now many activities have reopened and I hope that clubs and disco will reopen shortly. I am very optimistic, I believe that in many of us those human values that we often neglect have reappeared.

Your new single ‘Skin’ featuring BRUNA. How did you first get connected with BRUNA? 

Skin I did it last summer. I listened to Bruna’s voice on another song and asked her if she wanted to do a spoken one on my song that I had just finished. the result thrilled me so hop decided to publish it now.

What are some tracks you mixed into this Quarantine-themed mix? Any brand-new material? 

In the mix there is my new single ‘Skin’ and my remix for Some Me and also another special remix 2020 for TLA all made for my RIOT label. I previewed my new collaboration with Dok & Martin. I did a lot of work and many parallel projects were born also to my.

Do you have any other collaborations in the works? Or what is next for Frankyeffe? 

Yes, I have done many singles signed by myself but I have already planned collaborations with the Teenage Mutants, Asys, Juliet Fox and Dok & Martin and Rebel Boy for now.

What is one restaurant you have missed most during this pandemic?

ahaha more than one. Here in my part there are many good ones luckily at home I eat very well. Italy for me is the best place to eat!!!

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