SINPHONY No.2, Rave Music from Timmy Trumpet and Presto Orchestra

Timmy Trumpet is consistently creating rave music that elevates the crowd with that atmosphere that keeps us coming back for more. The leader of SINPHONY records now brings us his SINPHONY No.2, 5 compositions featuring a remarkable orchestra for collaborations.

Timmy Trumpet SINPHONY No. 2

Joining Timmy Trumpet on the EP is one of the most talented DJ and Producers in the Netherlands, Dr. Phunk, the iconic alternative rock singer-songwriter, Sam Tinnesz, a trailblazer in the realm of hardstyle, Frontliner,  an artist known for moving the crowd with the highest BPM’s in dance music, Lil Texas, rone of the most listened to hardstyle producers, Yosuf, the Italian trio made up of Giovanni Mangiapane, Giuseppe and Marika Lo Iacono, Marnage as well as the Roman born to create hard-dance music, Und3rsound.  Without further ado, we present Timmy Tumpet’s peak time, SINPHONY No. 2.

Keep your eyes on Timmy Trumpet on a world tour with his particularly captivating hardstyle sound and endless good times releases since the Australian’s Monstercat debut in 2013, ‘Bleed’, and multi-platinum ‘Freak’ with New Zealand rapper, Savage in 2014 (now at over 1 billon plays).

Along with this new EP, Tim will bring his recent releases winning over the globe’s dance floors, ‘Best Thing’ and an ‘All The Things She Said’ remake with Robin Schulz and KOPPY as well as ‘Classical Music’ with Bassjackers to stages in US, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Portugal, France, Hungary, Croatia, Greece and beyond. For now, bring in the weekend with more Timmy Trumpet below.

Timmy Trumpet at Lollapalooza Argentina


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