Energize Your Week with Kryoman and Jounce’s Music Video to ‘GET UP’

It may feel like forever since Kryoman dropped some new music but believe me it has been worth the wait. Kryoman‘s new release called ‘GET UP’ with collaborator Jounce is out now on all digital platforms and Kryoman will be streaming it live on his Facebook at 12 PM PST.

Lace up those dancing shoes and energize your week with Kryoman and Jounce’s music video to ‘GET UP’.

DJ Jounce and Kryoman

‘GET UP’ is a high-energy single that will get you shuffling. You will be pumped full of fiercely uplifting vibes and a sexy beat that is bound to make you smile. The track has a unique future house sound that’s straight filthy and in your face.

Jounce and Kryoman play off each other’s energies infectiously. The track does have a cool down portion that gives you just enough time to sip your drink or wipe your sweat before an epic final drop.

Watch Kryoman and Jounce’s music video for ‘GET UP’ below:

As you watch this music video you must know that they had to work around people actually working out in a gym. Look for people’s funny reactions in the backdrop as they dance around. This video received sponsorship from Soundboks and Hoverkicks.

This is not the first music video Kryoman has directed and produced. His own music videos have given him an extra artistic connection to his fans, proving very popular amassing millions of views. Also, check out his music video for his single ‘My Squads Lit’ featuring SHAQ by clicking here.

Download ‘GET UP’ by clicking here.

Kryoman originially from London is not unusual being seen playing on the main stage at Ultra Miami, touring with the Black Eyed Peas or his robotic performers energizing the dance floor of Hakkasan in Vegas with Steve Aoki.

photo credit Steve Aoki’s Facebook

Jounce is out of Los Angeles and is always fine-tuning his style that covers a wide soundscape from electro and progressive house to trance, trap and future house. He loves how electronic music is boundless and enjoys blending different music styles.

In addition, Jounce just came out with an addicting and satisfying future house single called, ‘Do My Thing’, just in time for the pool parties and festival season. You will be able to enjoy this single in whatever atmosphere you’re in.

Listen to ‘Do My Thing’ by Jounce below:

Released on the beloved Hammarica label ‘Do My Thing’ has a funky beat and all the right ingredients to make for a satisfying future house single. Jounce teases soothing and sexy vocals just right to keep you captivated and get the party going. The lyrics ‘Do My Thing’ not only fill you with empowerment but also embody Jounce’s focus of creating his own sound. Pick up your copy of ‘Do My Thing’ by clicking here.

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