easyFun – easyMix [Free Download]

easyFun is a producer from the infectious PC Music record label known for their bubbly, “plastic” sound. Their music is impossible to pull away from and their releases from Hannah Diamond, A.G. Cook, and GOTFY consistently appear on “Top 100 Tracks” of end of the year lists. easyFun has had an explosive year especially after they dropped their EP “Deep Trouble.”

Their mix begins with a soft instrumental that flips itself 30 seconds in. With a childish xylophone sound, easyFun emulates Ariana Grande’s “Break Free” chorus hook. At 1:13, the track pulls back on the bombastic melting plastic instrumentals to highlight a pitched up vocal of Ariana Grande. Just when you settle in, easyFun shoots you off into the stratosphere by changing up styles. However, they aren’t done yet as “Break Free” comes back. If you haven’t been fist pumping yet, just you wait.

easyFun "easyMix"
easyFun – easyMix

easyFun does something beyond jarring, and extremely daring in the middle of the mix.

From 2:35 to the 3:00 minute mark, the mix begins to simmer down. They then drop Ariana Grande’s high pitched “Break Free” into a Gregorian Chant style choir. An interesting choice, it works flawlessly to set-up for their remix of Jessie J’s “Domino.”

It is almost like being in the eye of a hurricane; euphoric, quiet, gentle, and stagnant.

The sound is beautiful, deep, and angelic – something beyond unusual for any electronic mix.

Exactly at the 4 minute mark, easyFun brings back the bubbling arpeggios and screeching strings. It lifts us up directly into high pitched vocals of Jessie J singing “I’m feeling sexy and free” from “Domino.” As the verse plays out, 5:15 is where easyFun really flexes their muscles. The shimmer and shine of the arpeggiated synths are accompanied by a robotic clock hi-hat and pulsed with a gummy bass kick.

Interestingly, easyFun employs a gamut of classical music theory to pull the mix through some crazy key changes. With these musical techniques, you can feel the mix uplift you higher. It’s fascinating to hear because initially the changes appear random until it resolves perfectly where it needs to be as easyFun drops you in the clouds at the 6:34 mark. It concludes the unbelievable journey easyFun takes you through, exemplifying a music producer with extreme intelligence on songwriting, music theory, taste, and a strong unique sound. This is definitely a precursor to the future of music. 

Grab the free download of easyFun’s “easyMix” here, and listen to the amazing mix via the SoundCloud player below.

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