easyFun – Deep Trouble EP [Free Download]

easyFun - Deep Trouble EP
easyFun – Deep Trouble EP

easyFun is a member of the futuristic pop label PC Music who has been putting forth amazing new tunes since their big year in 2013.

The new futuristic-electronic-techno-pop sound they’re making is giving “UK Hardcore” a run for the money and everyone else in the music game. easyFun is no exception; this 3 track EP is addictive, upbeat, and contains all solid tunes.

EP opener “Laplander” immediately pulls you in.

At first, the ear piercing high pitched squeaks and swirling synths are headache inducing.

It isn’t until the vocals cut through, and the low growling bass comes in that puts those sounds in the background. Suddenly, you are pulled in to the pulsing, fist pumping groove. “This is it, that was it, your last chance. Don’t say I didn’t want you in advance.”

Sung by PC Music songstress Hannah Diamond in the break down, her voice lets your ears relax a bit before going full throttle. From here on out, you cannot go back – there is something oddly addicting about this song; it is definitely the highlight of the album and will no doubt be in heavy rotation this year.

Second track “Fanta” is just as bubbly as the album opener, but instead trades in the full vocal melody for chopped up vocals and heavier synth play underneath.

What makes “Fanta” unique is that the track slowly destroys itself into a hip-hop/trap style break down and pulls itself out of it to rebuild itself with stabbing piano/synths to bring it back a little before it collapses at the end. Compared to the pure pop centric opener “Laplander“, easyFun shows how the music style can vary despite how hyper-realized it is.

Album finisher “Full Circle” picks off immediately where “Fanta” drops you on your head.

More influenced with hip-hop beats, another full vocal melody is provided on top. The lyrics are simple – there isn’t anything too difficult to comprehend. The song spirals into different key changes, with jarring shifts in different styles but somehow it all works out.

Technically the most advanced of the three, “Full Circle” grabs elements from all previous tracks into one glossed out track – it’s addicting, in all the right ways.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by the album cover! These songs are unbelievable and worth 1,000 listens.

Free downloads are available on each single track found through the Soundcloud playlist.