Bass Music Party Brand, Post Future Announces The Perplexity Tour

Post Future artist FRQ NCY and Aspire Higher talent Mindset embark on The Perplexity Tour starting this week, spanning across 23 stops. Managing over two dozen bass artists, Post Future has been on a slow and steady climb to becoming a powerhouse organization.

Post Future began as a production company and quickly flourished into a cutting edge talent agency with a roster of bold and boisterous bass music artists.

Post Future artists have accomplished a variety of notable bookings throughout the year. As an example, Levitation butthole… we mean Levitation Jones who made his second appearance at Imagine Music Festival this summer. Besides this, Jones and 7 other artists participated in a 2 night run in Denver at The Black Box for a Post Future takeover. A venue which is notorious for hosting underground bass events. Now FRQ NCY and Mindset get their chance to thrive in cities all throughout the country.

Post Future : The Perplexity Tour


Having recently released a fresh EP, FRQ NCY is one of those dominating bass artists that’s keen to what works as a bass music producer. Overall, his edginess and grit is comparable to that of G Jones and Bleep Bloop. FRQ NCY’s knowledge of synths and rattling bass shines heavily through each track with impeccable detail.

His recent release, The Apex Effect is the perfect example of a quality project. While FRQ NCY is still solidifying his sound, the 5 track EP is an approximate reflection as to how complex his work can get. Diverse layers of sound intertwine with the depth of his beats to create a euphoric like composition. FRQ NCY is more than deserving for a spot on The Perplexity Tour. You can indulge in The Apex Effect below.

The Apex Effect – FRQ NCY

While FRQ NCY and Mindset have a similar sound, Mindset takes on a slightly different approach. His flow between hip-hop and grimy bass music is seamless. The new singles and remixes coming from Mindset are nothing short of flawless. There is no doubt as to why he’s managed by one of the more prominent labels in bass music, Aspire Higher.

Unsurprisingly, Mindset and Aspire Higher colleague Tiedye Ky just put out a new collaboration appropriately named “Nitrous Bender”.

It’s a rhythmic tune that toys with bass placement and rapidly changing speed. “Nitrous Bender” is the furthest thing from subtle. It’s an art piece that engages your senses and ultimately takes control.

“Nitrous Bender” – Tiedye Ky and Mindset:

The fact that FRQ NCY and Mindset are right around the corner from releasing an EP together on Saturate Records makes this tour just that much better. Luckily, The Perplexity Tour is more than likely coming to a city near you. In the mean time, take a listen and download for free Mindset’s exclusive Beat Lab Radio Mix which features a track off their forthcoming project.

Exclusive Beat Lab Radio mix by Mindset (FREE DOWNLOAD):