Bleep Bloop Presents Mind Boggling PV500 Mixtape

Plenty of artists know how to pack heat, but very few can do it like Bleep Bloop. While most people are caught up in the newest Marshmello tracks, others strive to find that sound of transcendence. To each their own.

Luckily for us, Bleep Bloop, has been hitting us with new music left and right. Just a few months after the release of ‘EP With Five Eyes’, we’ve been blessed with a downright dirty mixtape known as PV500. The PV500 is a potent grime fueled production filled with 22 unreleased originals, collaborations and remixes.

There are some fierce collaborations with champion-like talent including Zeke Beats, Liquid StrangerGDP, Noer the Boy, Space Jesus, G Jones, Gary Paintin, NastyNasty, Proko and Protohype.

Listen to Bleep Bloop’s PV500 Mixtape below:

With each new release, Bleep Bloop has evolved into more than just the modern man. He’s more of an extraterrestrial force to be reckoned with. Within the last year, Bleep Bloop made his prominent mark in the world of weird bass. His success comes from not just his music, but also his live shows have been paramount. It seems the future already has a lot in store for us Bleep Bloop addicts.

Starting February 7th, his spring tour kicks off in Las Vegas and continues up until April 1st. Proko will be joining him for support and a special guest will be present for some tour dates. If you’re in or near Seattle, you’re in for one heck of a treat. The Seattle date has a special Stylss showcase with two exclusive guests Eastghost and Quarry.

Check out Bleep Bloop’s spring tour dates below:

Bleep Bloop Tour Dates
Photo via / Artwork by Gary Paintin

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