Austin Feldman Brings us the Minimalist House Vibes of the Desert

For the last few years, Arizona had become this quiet hotbed of on-the-fly creativity supporting a strong underground scene. While detractors may denote the lack of recent mainstream breakouts, the artistic collaboration and growth of those who involved themselves in the scene are growing ten-fold in the electronic music industry, as larger events from multiple promoters are bringing the big names in and raising the status of those who put in the time.

The sub-genres of house, techno, and drum & bass have been gaining traction to the point of where local DJs like Austin Feldman are finding larger audiences.

On July 24th, Feldman released his debut track titled “BoomTom” to an enthusiastic local audience, and after weeks of garnering attention for the single, already reached 10,000 streams in the first week.

Released on Gas Money Music, Austin also sat down with the label to discuss the inner workings behind the track and how it came to fruition:

“Toms that boom, dominate the track,” said Feldman. “But seriously this track has come from me being influenced by the Brazilian music scene over a period of time. This style of [minimalist] bass heavy house music has been something I have been trying to get a grasp on for quite a while now, and am happy with the result in this track.”

Pairing a minimalist beat with a bass-heavy focus laden on the synths, “BoomTom” is not only a nod to Feldman’s Chicago roots but is an exciting tribute to the growing house scene Phoenix has fostered in the past.

He further mentions the term “Kick Bass” as a growing moniker to describe the effect the lead melody and surprise drop has on the listener:

“The track itself has a heavy lead melody, that is there to draw the listener in, and then the drop is brought on quickly and almost without warning, it comes in very thick,” Feldman continued. “There’s a term being thrown around recently called “Kick Bass” and I think it almost fits that term.”

While Austin Feldman certainly isn’t the only local talent making a name for themselves in the house community, “BoomTom” is a positive step in the right direction as the local scene informs the rest of the world why Arizona faces constant growth in the electronic music scene. In the realm of minimalist house, “BoomTom” clearly pays close attention to the small details that other subgenres don’t take into consideration and creates a chill-yet-attentive musical pandemonium suited for a dark smoky club.

Grab “BoomTom” here.

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