5 Electronic Artists Set to Explode This Summer

The Polish Ambassador

The man in the yellow jumpsuit and founder of Jumpsuit Records comes from as humble of beginnings as any.

polish ambassador counterpoint
Photo via The Polish Ambassador

Since releasing his first EP Diplomatic Immunity in 2005 David Sugalski has stayed true to his roots, using Ableton Live to consistently dish out unprecedented electro-pop/glitch jams, though it is difficult to pigeonhole the multi-genre master to a single classification.

As his sound has evolved his digital mastery has become even more apparent. The release of his latest EP Pushing Through The Pavement has succeeded in outselling all albums on Bandcamp in the “paid” category despite his “name your own price” approach to providing music.

Stage presence and fan friendly demeanor are what truly sets him apart.

Highly engaging on social media, The Polish Ambassador has established a community known as “The Polish Ambassador Family” which is as dedicated to his work as the hardcore bassheads are to their respective genre.

Self described as “a diplomat for a new paradigm rooted in creative joy, radical self-expression, and ecological principles,” The Ambassador has made his music about much more than churning out pure works of art.

His unparalleled stage presence is indicative of someone who truly puts their soul in to the creation of their music. Add the mind-bending live art installations provided by Liminus, blazing instrumental accompaniment of brass horn guru saQi, and hauntingly beautiful vocals of Ayla Nereo and the Jumpsuit Records family puts on a show that you will carry with you to the grave.

For what it is worth, his set at CounterPoint 2014 was hands down the best live musical performance I have ever experienced and I have had the good fortune of taking in many festivals and shows spanning countless genres.

The Polish Ambassador will be performing at Sonic Bloom Festival June 19-22 in South Park, Colorado. For more tour dates and information be sure to visit TPA website by clicking here.

Be sure to give this man a listen and check out his music, all available at name your own price.

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2 thoughts on “5 Electronic Artists Set to Explode This Summer

  1. what a fucking stupid article. thomas jack? minnesota? Polish? gramatik is already big. this was a waste of internet

  2. Gramatik was the only one I was hesitant to put on here because he has been around so long but his momentum is as strong as ever right now. So in a sense he is exploding, albeit on a larger scale.

    The other three artists are definitely gaining recognition. First time performances at major festivals, new EPs that have been highly successful, and widely consumed podcasts.

    The beautiful thing about music is that there are so many different genres and personal preferences. Tried to touch across the board with this one and all of the 5 artists deserve credit nonetheless.

    Definitely appreciate you taking the time to read though!

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