5 Electronic Artists Set to Explode This Summer

Thomas Jack

The leading innovator of the tropical house movement, the 20 year old Australian made his name as force to be reckoned with in the underground scene before gaining widespread recognition.

Within a matter of months Jack has already managed to land the number one spot on Hype Machine an astounding four times.

thomas jack music
Photo via Thomas Jack

His ability to mesh warm-sunshiney vibes, pop culture classic remixes, jazzy infusions, sexy down-tempo and signature deep house rhythm have created a sound that is quickly turning heads.

By incorporating flutes, trumpets, saxophone, and a plethora of other instruments the Australian prodigy creates tightly buttoned tracks that feature a quality, organic sound.

Sitting down with Interview Magazine, Jack spoke to the influences behind his sound:

Jazz and exotic tropical instruments influence me in the musical realm. I find them both unique and interesting and really enjoy incorporating unusual sounds into my music […] I don’t really have anyone in mind when I am making a track; it is more on the lines of the environment in which the track would fit best […] I am really trying to push the happy summer tropical vibe into my music at the moment.

Before running in to visa problems Thomas Jack was scheduled to appear at Electric Forest but is still on the docket for The Hudson Project.

The perfect sound for the summer months, Thomas Jack is one to keep your eye on.

Give his Tropical House series a listen below.

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2 thoughts on “5 Electronic Artists Set to Explode This Summer

  1. what a fucking stupid article. thomas jack? minnesota? Polish? gramatik is already big. this was a waste of internet

  2. Gramatik was the only one I was hesitant to put on here because he has been around so long but his momentum is as strong as ever right now. So in a sense he is exploding, albeit on a larger scale.

    The other three artists are definitely gaining recognition. First time performances at major festivals, new EPs that have been highly successful, and widely consumed podcasts.

    The beautiful thing about music is that there are so many different genres and personal preferences. Tried to touch across the board with this one and all of the 5 artists deserve credit nonetheless.

    Definitely appreciate you taking the time to read though!

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