5 Electronic Artists Set to Explode This Summer


Christian Bauhofer, aka Minnesota, embodies what dubstep, and music in general is all about – creating a vibe that will keep you dancing throughout the entire set as bass courses through your veins.

dj minnesota
Photo via Minnesota

Whenever Minnesota mans the decks he transforms in to an absolute animal that throws down as hard as any one.

The recent release of his Voyager EP could very well be work that catapults him in to the limelight. The 6 track compilation dips its’ toes in to the waters of trap music while demonstrating his versatility across multiple genres.

CounterPoint 2014 saw him unexpectedly close the festival at the silent disco, playing until he was forced off stage at 5:30 in the morning as campers were already leaving the festival grounds for good.

Bauhofer’s passion and energy resonates throughout every crowd that has the pleasure of watching him perform.

Any one who gives Minnesota a chance will not even contemplate keeping him off the playlist.

For more information and tour dates be sure to visit Minnesota’s website by clicking here.

Tune in and give Minnesota a listen.

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2 thoughts on “5 Electronic Artists Set to Explode This Summer

  1. what a fucking stupid article. thomas jack? minnesota? Polish? gramatik is already big. this was a waste of internet

  2. Gramatik was the only one I was hesitant to put on here because he has been around so long but his momentum is as strong as ever right now. So in a sense he is exploding, albeit on a larger scale.

    The other three artists are definitely gaining recognition. First time performances at major festivals, new EPs that have been highly successful, and widely consumed podcasts.

    The beautiful thing about music is that there are so many different genres and personal preferences. Tried to touch across the board with this one and all of the 5 artists deserve credit nonetheless.

    Definitely appreciate you taking the time to read though!

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