5 Electronic Artists Set to Explode This Summer


Gramatik is one I was hesitant to put on the list because he has been making waves with his unique sound for some time now but has been gaining extreme momentum as of late.

Having represented the Pretty Lights label early in his career before starting his own label Lowtemp, sold over 100,000 tracks on Beatport, and reached #1 on Hype Machine should tell you all you need to know about the versatility and talent of the Slovenian producer and jazz/funk guru.

Photo via Gramatik

Gramatik continues to push the envelope when it comes to producing new sounds and the more than 2 million downloads of his latest album The Age of Reason shows that the music world is getting down with the funk.

At a recent trip to Red Rocks for a sold out Gramatik show, I had a chance to experience Gramatik in his element. The music was funky and soulful and kept the crowd dancing. Saxophone and trumpet galore, like an electronic jam band. Almost overwhelming goodness.

Before the sold out show at Red Rocks I picked up a copy of “The Rooster,” who refers to Gramatik as EDM’s game changer. The Rooster refers to his sound:

Gramatik, on the other hand, chose another route, carefully fusing together sounds from genres you wouldn’t normally expect: hip hop, jazz, blues, rock, funk, soul, etc. “I love hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, blues and some of EDM genres,” he said. “I try to mix the genres I like into a new genre. I don’t like my music to be called just one thing. That’s why I constantly try to develop new genres within the music. With the new album, I stepped away from sampling, and I’ve incorporated live instruments played by my friends.” – See more at The Rooster

Gramatik’s upbeat funky, hip-hop style seems so universally acceptable.

It feels classical but modern, chill but upbeat. As Gramatik and crew continue exploring new sounds, we expect more legendary live shows and a fanbase that will continue to steadily grow.

Gramatik has been making music and touring for some time, but now more than ever the sound is too good to be ignored.

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2 thoughts on “5 Electronic Artists Set to Explode This Summer

  1. what a fucking stupid article. thomas jack? minnesota? Polish? gramatik is already big. this was a waste of internet

  2. Gramatik was the only one I was hesitant to put on here because he has been around so long but his momentum is as strong as ever right now. So in a sense he is exploding, albeit on a larger scale.

    The other three artists are definitely gaining recognition. First time performances at major festivals, new EPs that have been highly successful, and widely consumed podcasts.

    The beautiful thing about music is that there are so many different genres and personal preferences. Tried to touch across the board with this one and all of the 5 artists deserve credit nonetheless.

    Definitely appreciate you taking the time to read though!

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