SnowGlobe 2017 is just a few days away, so we want to make sure your checklist is perfected to a T. We hope by now you have your ticket, warm essentials for the chilly weather and some form of place to stay (no the igloo tent is not a legit place to sleep).

If not, no worries, the best decisions are spontaneous ones! Grab those last minute tickets here and get yourself down to the beautiful South Lake Tahoe. You won’t want to miss out! If you are on the fence about going, just check out the official recap video to get a glimpse of the fun that awaits… Trust, you will not regret spending money on such an amazing life experience.

Now that you have the obvious essentials sorted, here are the 3 final additions to your SnowGlobe checklist.

1. Listen to SnowGlobe’s SnowTapes and SoundCloud Sessions

People come from all over to experience all the wonders that SnowGlobe has to offer and they travel in all different forms. Whether you’re grabbing the aux cable for your road trip, or plugging in your headphones while in-flight, you’re going to want to be listening to SnowGlobes SnowTapes and SoundCloud Sessions. Find them on SoundCloud to get hyped for the event.

SnowGlobe’s SnowTapes are mixes featuring artists on the lineup including LP Giobbi, Justin Jay, Oliver and LUCA LUSH.  Check out Justin Jay’s mystical mix below as you imagine snowflakes floating slowly down catching lasers.

SnowGlobe’s SoundCloud Sessions are playlists of other tracks you will be getting down to this weekend featuring artists such as KRANE, Petit Biscuit, San Holo, DROELOE, Alexander Lewis, Kidnap Kid, Quinn XCII, Jai Wolf and more.

Listen to our custom SnowGlobe playlist as you pack and hit the road.

2. Download the App

The SnowGlobe App is going to be a lifesaver during the festival. One of the most essential aspects of the app is the ability to create your own personal schedule of who you don’t want to miss.

Dillon Francis 2015 photo credit SnowGlobe

Not familiar with every artist performing this year? Not a problem. There are over 50 performers on the 2017 lineup, so almost certainly some of them will be a new experience for you. Discover artists you are unfamiliar with on the app and check out some tracks from every entertainer throwing down this year.

SnowGlobe Lineup

You can also keep up-to-date on SnowGlobe news with their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, all on the app as well. Additionally, SnowGlobe headquarters will send you updates though the app about anything related to the festival. Who knows what they will surprise us with this year…

An example of some cool stuff found on SnowGlobe’s social media is the announcement of an art display this year, for instance, Chromaforms the ZOA, shown below.

Chromaforms the ZOA photo credit SnowGlobe

3. Checkout the Merch

SnowGlobe truly outdid themselves with their merchandise this year. Most of the merch is already sold out online, but don’t worry there will be merch booths at the festival to pick up your SnowGlobe swag. I already have my eye on a black and pink bubblegum dad hat, and a Daytona long sleeve. But before you even head out, make sure to pack your best luggage sets to ensure your belongings are safe and your trip will stay stress free.

Bubblegum Dad Hat

Scope out your options online beforehand on the SnowGlobe website and their Instagram.

SnowGlobe Squad photo credit SnowGlobe

Listen to SnowGlobe’s SnowTapes and SoundCloud Sessions (check).

Download the Official SnowGlobe app (check).

Checkout the merch (check).

Now that you have the last final additions to your SnowGlobe checklist, safe travels and we will see all of your beautiful bass faces there!

photo credit SnowGlobe

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