Four Tiers of Trap Music: Traditional, Chill, Happy & Tribal

Electronic music has countless genres and derivatives of those genres. Explaining this to people outside the fam may make you sound loco. Either way, sometimes the fun part is trying to decide what a particular song is qualified as. One of the more diverse genres has to be trap.

Lets take a walk through four variations of trap music: traditional, chill, happy and tribal.

First of all, what defines trap music? Trap music is created when producers use the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine and grab influence from rap. To showcase some of what we will call “traditional” trap, allow us to present to you Tincup and Big Chocolate, both filthy artists with a driving passion to rip your face off.

To kick this trap party off, here is a recently discovered track by Tincup called, ‘What I Want’, that will get you going, no matter how low your energy may be, making for a perfect day-3 of a festival rejuvenator. Scope out his SoundCloud linked below to find more exquisite trap music.

Tincup ‘What I Want’

Listen to Tincup’s ‘What I Want’ below:

Awhile back we found a single titled, ‘Ride Up’, by Big Chocolate that we can’t get enough of. This track will boost you up out of nowhere as Big Chocolate takes you on a wicked trap fueled ride.

Big Chocolate ‘Ride Up’

Listen to Big Chocolate’s ‘Ride Up’ below:

Next, let’s explore some chill trap presented by an artist know as, ChampionsLeak.

ChampionsLeak is a DJ duo based out of Los Angeles and Germany. They just released a single on Trap N Chill titled, ‘Fuck The Pain Away’, featuring Radiiio. What makes this track chill trap is that it derives from R&B roots not rap. Enjoy ChampionsLeak’s slow banger that will get your head right and help you understand the differences in trap styles.

ChampionsLeak ‘Fuck The Pain Away’

Listen to ChampionsLeak’s ‘Fuck The Pain Away’ ft. Radiiio:

Now lets touch on happy trap by listening to an unbelievably infectious track by CRNKN.

CRNKN remixes ELLiPHANT ‘Step Down’

We can call this sub-genre happy trap, since it uses rap inspired lyrics, but includes a summery beat that will make you happily bounce.

Listen to CRNKN remix of ELLiPHANT’s ‘Step Down’

Finally, let’s explore some tribal trap through sounds by Headphone Activist and Hubstcy.

If you haven’t heard Headphone Activist‘s latest release ‘The Enigma of Copyright‘, then allow us to show you a banger that ties electronic music culture with tribal culture. What makes this track tribal trap are the native chants Headphone Activist layers over a smooth trap beat.

Headphone Activist ‘The Enigma Of Copyright’

Listen to and download for free Headphone Activist’s ‘The Enigma Of Copyright’:

The next example of tribal trap we have to showcase is a track titled ‘Totem’ by up-and-coming South Carolina producer Hubstcy. Feel the native trap beat hit your primal bone and give you a strong urge to be dancing amidst a surreal tribal ceremony.

Hubstcy ‘Totem’

Listen to Hubstcy’s ‘Totem’ below:

Who knows what trap sub-genre will pop up next. Perhaps Psy-Trap? Please leave a comment below if you run across anymore.

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