What is the Best Instagram Preset? 

If you could only choose one preset, what would it be? In this article, we will only talk about one Instagram filter that really stands out from the crowd.

Instagram presets have many different looks. Light and airy, dark and moody, inspired by other influencers, countries, or nature itself. However, we will talk about a preset that most people love. Once you use it, it immediately creates a professional-looking Instagram feed.

123presets.store simply love Minimal presets. They are the ones that are preset classics. Whether you are an influencer, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a brand manager or a model, these presets will make your feed look stylish.

What is Important in a Great Preset?

Presets are there to help you edit your photos like a professional photographer. Whether you have more experience in photography or less, it’s a great way to save editing time and receive quality images.

The best presets adjust colors and tones in such a way that you may not even want to make any changes. The only change you may consider is the exposure of your photos. Other than that, you would be more than happy to post those images.

123presets.store allows you to do just that. Minimal presets there include 4 Lightroom Mobile Presets (.DNG). This means that with one purchase you will be able to edit your photo in four different ways.

Having multiple presets that are the same style is extremely handy. You are able to edit photos in a similar way that were shot in different lighting conditions. This becomes helpful when you want to keep your Instagram feed consistent and cohesive.

How are Instagram Presets Different from Instagram Filters?

You probably know Instagram filters already. You can find them in the app itself. The main problem of those filters is that once they are applied you can’t adjust individual settings. They are extremely limited to what they can do to your photo. And quite frankly they all look the same.

With Instagram Presets you are able to create different looks and styles that others don’t have. After the preset is applied to your photo, you can easily change and adjust individual settings. The more you use presets, the more you will learn. Hence, those individual settings become really handy.

On top of that, only by adjusting one of the Instagram preset’s settings, you can create your own unique look. For example, you can increase the whites and make your picture look different,

Why Do People Love Minimal Presets?

Currently, people are looking for less is more kind of look. You can see that in architecture, fashion, graphic design, and many other visual arts. Photography follows this trend as well.

Minimal presets gained their popularity for the ideas that they represent. Minimalism as a lifestyle is on a rise. Hence, having an Instagram feed in minimalist colors allow you to tell your story in a more engaging way.

How are 123presets.store Instagram Presets Different?

123presets.store has a huge selection of presets. Hence, if you want a minimalist feel but a brand new look, you can check out IG Style, Bright and Airy, Light and Airy, Brownie, Avocado, Majestic, Almond, and so many others.

All of the Instagram presets at 123presets.store were created by a professional photographer, who understands what looks great, loves experimenting, and creating brand new styles.

On top of that, you can get help from the support team ASAP in case you have any questions whatsoever. The team has professional knowledge of photography and are ready to help you to get the most out of your presets.

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