Rolls Rollin Builds on Speed House Template with Headrusher, ‘Rolling’

Living the raver to DJ story, Rolls Rollin’s ESP-like connection with the dancefloor’s vibe is transmitted to a T through his music. Taking a no nonsense approach to creating music, listeners will instantly be gripped on his peak time, white-knuckle rides. Since announcing himself to the world with his debut single, ‘Big Booty’ in May 2020, Rolls Rollin has amassed nearly 450,000 streams on Spotify.

Now Rolls Rollin returns with his third cut, ‘Rolling’ – a no-holds-barred, chemically enhanced rollercoaster of a track. ‘Rolling’ builds on the speed house template that we saw first on ‘Big Booty’, cruising at 150 BPM.

Rolls Rollin ‘Rolling’

This time around however, Rolls Rollin calls back to the classic days of oldskool rave, with a festival synth riff for the ages. A tightly coiled bass kicks in with speaker-searing aggression, intercut with right-left jabs of distortion-shredded synths. This is music built for the biggest sound systems and the wildest dancefloors!

Discovering new artists like Rolls Rollin is what keeps electronic music vibrant. While waiting for his chance to ignite club sound systems worldwide the second lockdown is over, the promising talent took sometime in thatDROP’s hot seat.  Read more of Rolls’ story and enjoy his debut and sophomore releases during our exclusive interview.

What first got you interested in electronic music? 

I got really into electronic music shortly after high school, truth be told I found out I wanted to be a DJ while rolling my face off.

Your new single ‘Rolling’ unleashes the dance floor madness. I am sure you are excited to play this out. As a raver, how have hard-hitting tracks like ‘Rolling’ spoken to you? 

Tracks like ‘Rolling’ are just so powerful and fast, it’s got a whole lot of energy. It’s one of those songs that comes on and you instantly know it’s about to go down.

What intentions do you put into creating your music? 

When I create tracks the only thing I’m thinking about is getting everyone listening to go hard.

What are five tracks you are particularly keen on lately? 

Do you have any rave tips? 

Biggest rave tip is staying hydrated. Don’t forget gum; if you know you know 😉

What is next for Rolls Rolling?

I think what’s next for me is to perform for a hype crowd, with this Covid thing we just don’t know when it will happen; one day for sure.

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