Librae and Mareeka Create a Deep Electro Pop Vibe for ‘Waves’ [Raindrop]

The label head of Raindrop  is branching out from his/her’s melodic techno roots to showcase a refreshing wave of music. Although the releases hold some of the characteristics we crave from techno music, they are just labeled electronic.

The first artist to represent the Raindrop vibe is the talented, rising Italian Producer and DJ Librae. Last month Librae debuted Raindrop with two-tracks, ‘The Whale’, that uses hydrophone recordings of whales as the track takes you deep (into whale territory) and ‘Submarine’, a driving single fit for late nights.

Now back for a third release, Librae collaborates with the stunning vocalist from Berlin, Mareeka, to create an electro-pop cut like you have never heard before, ‘Waves’.

Keeping you suspended with elevating energy that keeps peaking and Mareeka’s gorgeous vocals, ‘Waves’, manages to fill you with that rush of riding a wave. Officially out on July 24th, take the first listens of the radio edit of ‘Waves’ before placing your pre-order for this essential 2020 track.

These Raindrop releases raise the questions: what sensations can be triggered through music? What is the untapped potential of music? Raindrop is also making a statement with this record, saying electro pop belongs in underground clubs.

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