Guide on How to Create a Music Video for YouTube

So far, YouTube has become an ultimate platform for video sharing and content creation. With around 2 billion monthly active users, this social media platform brings hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day to the top content creators. That is why more and more people start their careers as content creators and try to get on the top of the video charts in their niche.

However, the video creating process has evolved for many years, and now it’s not only enough to record and publish your video on YouTube. Because of the large amounts of videos published every day, consumers become pickier about the content they want to watch.

In this article, we’ve covered the best practices of enhancing the video-making process from the top YouTubers. Also, you’ll discover some great tips about making and editing your music videos for YouTube. Let’s get it started!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Music Video

Creating high-quality video content nowadays requires various skills in video editing and conversation, as well as lots of creativity, trend-awareness. But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg known as video making.

#1 Find Your Audience Niche

Having come up with the idea of video making, most newbies usually start randomly shooting different videos that are not related to any topic. In fact, this strategy can barely help you to find your audience and get on top of video trends on YouTube. Why?

First of all, your video should provide value to get the audience interested in what you’re doing and start following you. Being funny, charismatic, or informative is important, but if you don’t have a unique value proposition for the audience – you’ll fail.

Find the piece of inspiration from the things you like or are interested in. Is that a specific hobby of yours, for instance, cooking or sports? Or, perhaps you are fond of reading books and want to share your reviews? Create a concept for your YouTube channel and try to analyze how you can bring value according to this concept. Also, you can search for the clues in the trending tab to define the main interests of the audience and what are the other things they would be probably interested in.

Focus your content on helping people achieve their goals, being informative, entertaining, or any other that can provide a certain value. For this purpose, it’s good to start with the basic questions of audience analysis, which include:

  • the problems of the target audience;
  • the things they should know about;
  • the lessons/insights audience can learn from your video;
  • the real benefits of watching your video content.

These simple things are the key elements of guiding yourself to advanced content planning and the right strategy building.

#2 Research the Content Ideas and Topics

In fact, there are plenty of methods of how you can get inspired for the videos, even if you simply open a YouTube platform. Here are some of the most popular methods of understanding what people are looking for:

  • Use YouTube search. By typing in some targeting search queries regarding a specific topic, it becomes much easier to decide the actual relevance of your idea. Then, focus on the terms YouTube search box offers to you additionally, and write them down. In such a way, you can even find yourself generating the entire series of content.
  • Read comments. This source can become a perfect place to keep in touch with your audience and find the exact topics they’re interested in.
  • Find like-minded people. Finding a group that can boost the idea brainstorming can help you enlarge the content and even go into some new topics as well.
  • Ask your audience directly. Even with having a small community, it’s better to analyze their opinions and try to implement the most useful ones into your content production process.

Do you feel inspired right now? Start your shoot right now!

#3 Pick Up the Right Video Software

After the shooting process is done, here comes one of the most challenging steps of the entire video-making process – editing. Just like it was mentioned before, it’s not enough to just tap the recording button on your camera. Video editing is the process where the magic begins, as you need to process all the raw materials, cut the right moments and present the concept in your final video product for YouTube. So, the process of editing a music video should include:

  • File converting. All the materials should be converted to a format that is compatible with the editing software and YouTube formats. For this purpose, it’s better to try the best MOV-to-MP4 converters to define the one that works best for your needs.
  • Choosing the right editing software. This option has a huge impact on the video quality, effects, and other formatting aspects that make a final version you’ll publish on YouTube. That is why look for feature-rich editing applications with an intuitive interface, drag and drop feature, a large library of sound and graphic effects, and wide formatting options available.
  • Actual editing. Here, you’ll need to cut and trim the raw material, create the intro clip and add titles when needed. Then, use your creativity to make your videos more engaging and interesting to your audience using special effects, background music, and amazing transitions. The best practices usually include using the most popular music people like listening to and can easily recognize in your videos.
  • Finalizing and exporting. Last but not least goes the final review, which shouldn’t be skipped as this way you can check all the editing processes and define the parts that should be improved. The experienced YouTubers recommend making the final video check after some time when the actual editing was completed. This way, you’ll be able to estimate how much your video complies with the concept and format planned and make the final touches where it’s needed.

For sure, the editing process is about choosing the right video software and using the exact editing techniques and skills that help you to present the concept of your video for YouTube more accurately. The most popular examples of professional software that offer great features for video formatting and content creation are Lightworks, Shortcut, FXhome, etc. Having tried some of them even once, you’ll be hardly able to find a better option for YouTube video editing.

Great Tips to Follow for YouTube Video Editing

Having decided to create top-rated content for YouTube, consider using other popular practices that can help you enhance your videos:

  • Create eye-catching thumbnails for your video preview images
  • Tell a story that provides value to users
  • Use engaging elements like text, animations, or sounds
  • Make the baseline editing style and create customized templates for your videos
  • Follow the KISS rule: keep it short and simple


All these tips and practices for YouTube video making can help you create your unique video style that will certainly help you to find your audience. Defining the audience’s pains and needs, researching the new and fresh ideas for your video content, and using the right video software can easily help you to reach YouTube trends.

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