Tune Into a Flawless Dirtybird Campout West Coast Compilation

The 3rd annual Dirtybird Campout BBQ is around the corner next weekend on October 6th through 8th in Bradley, California. The weather is looking to be in the high eighties making it perfect for this occasion. Being so close, they have been prepping attendees for such excitement.

Shift into such commotion by tuning into an impressive Dirtybird Campout West Coast Compilation.

Dirtybird Campout Compilation Album Photo

The entire playlist is perfection to the T due to the flawless selection of artists that are include Billy Kenny, Sacha RobottiChris Lorenzo, Justin Martin, and Shiba San. With amorous tracks included, they also, included two special singles to make everyone itch to dance in the woods.

One track is made by the creator of Dirtybird Campout, Claude Von Stroke alongside with Jesse Rose, ‘Bare Mountain,’ which was beforehand released on Jesse’s A-Sided label.  Lastly, another significant hit that has been influencing everybody to move their hips is Billy Kenny single, ‘Barrump’, remixed by Claude as well.

photo credit Dirtybird Campout Photo Credit via Facebook
Tuning into the compilation begging for time to fast forward to next weekend has never been greater. So get your packing started while you listen in to the playlist below:

To amplify your excitement even more, check out the 2016 Dirtybird Campout Recap Video.

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