Duke Dumont Releases His Remix of The Man by The Killers

On September 22, 2017, Duke Dumont’s remix of The KillersThe Man, was released on Island Records. This spunky, egoic track was dropped on The Killers fifth album, Wonderful Wonderful (Deluxe). The Killers hadn’t dropped an album in five years.

Adam George Dyment, better known as Duke Dumont, is an English musician, songwriter, DJ and music producer; an artist who brings a fresh, progressive, yet nostalgic feel to every track he releases. Duke’s most notable tracks are I Got U feat. Jax Jones and Ocean Drive.

Now, Duke Dumont releases a funky, retro remix of The Man by The Killers.

The Killers - The Man (Duke Dumont Remix)
The Killers – The Man (Duke Dumont Remix) Cover Art

This track is powerful, liberating, groovy, and uplifting.

Brandon Flower’s vocals will have you singing along while your shoulders move to the guitar riffs. Grab a coffee, put on your shades, move to the beat, and conquer the day with this inspiring remix of The Killers.

Nothing can break, nothing can break me down
Don’t need no advice, I got a plan
I know the direction, the lay of the land
I know the score like the back of my hand
Them other boys, I don’t give a damn
I got gas in the tank
I got money in the bank
I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man

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